AUTOSELFGALLERY is the web project-in-process. The City is comprehended as an organism constructed of the layers emerged out of human activities, being interwoven within archaic and contemporary symbols. Urban, social, political and other events make fluid forms, while I am trying to “catch” their tactile and digital phenomena.



Death and the Internet

Human existence is being reflected in the parallel ''realities'' these days – the media have been interwoven with the ''real'' world to an extent where boundaries have ceased to be clear – human life has become a multimedial projection, whereas Death is just a kind of statistics or a spectacle – information has replaced nutrition, sex or religion…
No matter how young or fragile the Internet may be – it has already touched immortality (even if it weren't immortal itself, the Internet has already managed to be in a vigorous competition with Death depriving it of a little remaining authority). Therefore Death has become just a nine-day wonder, worn out and tattered only as one more necessary information nailed in the range of its timeless / all-spatial / all-temporary / all-collective and subconscious / all-virtual / all-real ego.








Within the space there is a ''foothold'', a fictitious point surrounded by movements and streamings. The observer is confused by the elusiveness of the visual or auditive support? (as soon as he gets pinpointed to a concrete situation, it starts moving creating at the same time a new fixed point and the observer is forced to change his ''camera angle''.

This work deals with the questioning of the human manipulation phenomenon on the level of directions, sounds, static quality and motion. By means of this, there is an attempt present for waking up the essential perception of the standpoint – our basic/archaic relation to order and chaos as well as to get to the bottom of the causality of our life philosophy by means of manipulation.

Permeability and obstacles during communication are shown by the fragments of walls, gaps and closures, by rhythms, by the flow of images and sounds. Every moment is carrying a fixed detail representing the fictitious point – it is an island in the river – a camera angle frozen, though relative to in terms of directions and rhythms of the environmental changes. The imprints – projections are on the walls and on the floor. The observer becomes a part of the general situation and by being set into the space as a part, a creator and a victim of the manipulation chaos he is simultaneously accepting and rejecting.



The city contrasts are shown by the symbols of a water-well and a ship – the source – self-containment is represented by the water-well, whereas opennes – communication is represented by the ship and their sinergy (cognition, learning).
The work starts with the presentation of the ship and a circle (water-well, the symbols of the city of Split (personal symbolism of the author). In the course of time, the signs are changing and combining into another interrelations.
Silence is being disrupted by the gradual entering of sounds melted with the images and texts glided by the monitor (screen). Words and quotations are being disguised into phrases and slogans, and making spontaneous implications in conflict with the images and sounds thickening in the course of time and being disguised into an unrecognizable structure indicating the multi-layerness of the city on the verge of chaos. The work is continually being expanded simultaneously trying to sublimate the energy that the city as an autonomous being transmits in its heartland and towards the others achieving it by means of its architecture.



New technological varieties and electronic media have never clearly endangered the survival of the traditonal artistic forms, although they have provided the modern authors with the new visual arts solutions and communication modes as well as the multimedia impregnation.

During the realization of the GOLDEN PAVILION, which is the title of the on-line project (, the author, Slobodan Tomić, takes as starting point the classical drawing medium. Instead of digital image, graphic art drawings with pencil, in charcoal and ink techniques have been introduced to the new medium by means of the animation process, making on the observer an impression of the virtual growth throughout the imaginary heartland of artists' scenes. In this way, the elements of the traditional visual art reception have been preserved, but at the same time the new aesthetical identity of the classical drawing has been created. This is so, since the new medium enables stringing up, dissolving and pulsing of the images, the interactivity of the web site and the sinestesy of the experience on the multimedial level.

Travelling through the ritual space of the GOLDEN PAVILION is made of shapes and signs by means of which symbolic contents it could be possible to take a look into the space on the other side, or to find in that ritual that delicate border line leading to transcendental. The author is creating his personal script, whereas the digital modifications of signs disintegrate the space of their interpretation from the religious and mythological to the historical and artistic conotations.

Upon the possibility of choosing the symbols /chair, wheels and the Minotaur's head/, the observer's motion is directed to the space of the labyrinth. The symbols are starting the belonging animations of a certrain duration opening anew the new scenes with the new links. We can shape ourselves the circular structure of the artist's story, although the contents of the artistic word is not within the fable, but within the secretive atmosphere caused by the interrelation of the sound / minimalist music by Philip Glass / and movements of the visual shapes. The observer is here free to choose his personal paths throughout the space of the Pavilion represented as a sort of metaphorical microimage of the world allowing him to develop his own direction of growth, interpreting and comprehesion.

By Jasna Gluić



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